An entirely web-based barbershop management and booking system.



Most popular features

  • Online booking system
  • Supports multiple barbers
  • Appointment reminder emails
  • Cancellation waiting list facility
  • Mobile friendly
  • Can match your website design


The new site is a hit so far with the lads. I love it. It makes everything so much easier.

- Alex of A Barber & Co

Reduce idle time with BarberApp!

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Increase your earning potential
BarberApp takes the hassle of appointment management away with its mobile-friendly self-service appointment booking system. Customers gain visibility of your work diary allowing you to rely less on walk-ins and more on repeat custom.

Supports multiple barbers
Whether you're a one-man band or manage a team, BarberApp has you covered. Through an easy-to-use admin interface you can add as many barbers as you like. Each barber can set their own working hours, add their respective services and set pricing.

Reduce no shows
When time is a premium nobody likes no shows. BarberApp's fully automated reminder emails help to reduce that eventuality. If they do occur, mark the appointment as a no show and keep track of your less reliable customers.

Integrates with your website
BarberApp can be customised to match the look and feel of your existing website and all email templates can be altered too.


Here's what BarberApp looks like out of the box. Click a screenshot to enlarge.

First page of customer facing booking system.
Calendar displaying a barbers availability
Customer list
Settings screen
Services settings screen
Working hours settings
Waiting list as a barber would see it.
Viewing an individual appointment.


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

As many as you like, there is no limit.

BarberApp has two interfaces, referred to as Frontend (what your customers see) and Dashboard (what barbers see). Bookings can be made in both interfaces meaning customers can book themselves in or barbers can book in customers on their behalf. The booking process asks the user to choose a date, their preferred barber, a service that the selected barber offers, and finally a time slot. Email confirmations are sent to the customer and to the barber. Barbers can switch off those email notifications if they wish.

Using colours allows users to see at-a-glance availability on that day.

Grey = Closed or Day off
Green = Lots of availability
Amber = Low availability
Red = Fully booked, or unavailable
Turquoise = Fully booked, but a waiting list is available.

Of course! BarberApp is designed to allow each barber to manage their own account out of the box. This includes working days, working hours, service lists, pricing and days off. This flexibility can also be restricted though if you'd prefer to manage that yourself, i.e. all barbers offer the same services and work the same days etc.

Yes! I built BarberApp to be fairly flexible from the design perspective and while it's fairly generic looking out of the box, it can be modified to take on the look and feel of your existing website if you would like.

BarberApp in itself is what is known as a WebApp. It's built to run entirely in your browser and as such does not require an app to be installed on your smart phone. To access it you'd simply open Safari or Chrome or whichever browser you choose and go to the web address associated with your particular BarberApp installation. You could by all means then bookmark that link, or set it as your homepage if you prefer.

To discuss pricing please get in touch by visiting the Contact Me page.

Reminder emails are automatically sent to customers two days prior to their appointment. Customers can only cancel their own appointment up to 24 hours before. Beyond that they must contact the barber directly.

If a barber enables a waiting list and they are fully booked on a given date then their customers have the opportunity to add themselves to a waiting list. The customer will need to specify a time window in which they are available for an appointment, i.e. 12pm to 2pm, and select their desired service. The barber will get visibility of those on their waiting list within the Dashboard. If a cancellation happens to come up and the waiting list customer is still free, then they can book said customer in for their appointment with a couple of mouse clicks.