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Search Engine Optimisation.

Improving your websites search engine ranking potential.

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Site Audit

I can carry out an SEO audit on your website to help you identify areas of improvement. Contributing factors for poor SEO can often include large image sizes, lack of website caching etc. 

seo google shopping

Google Shopping

If you run an Ecommerce store then adding your product listings to Google's Shopping service can help direct traffic to your website.

seo sitetree


A sitemap is like a family tree for your website pages and content which in turn help search engines discover your content. I can help you generate them.

seo schema

Search engines enjoy clearly categorised and defined content on your website, i.e. Blog Author, Product Price, etc. Following guidelines set by will work in your favour. I can help you make the required website changes.

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Mobile Ready?

If your website does not adjust for varying screen sizes of tablets and mobile phones then this will likely go against you. I can assist you in making your mobile-friendly - often without the need for a complete re-design.

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Content Delivery Networks

If your website has a large global audience or has lots of imagery and video content then you may benefit from the use of a content delivery network. These send photos etc from servers closest to your customer therefore reducing load times.

seo slow loading times

Slow Load Times?

A contributing factor of slow loading times can sometimes be related to your website hosting provider. Choosing a reliable host with uncrowded servers can make a significant difference to page loading times and thus your search engine ranking potential.

seo social media

Social Media Sharing

Do not underestimate the power of social media! I can ensure your site content displays correctly when it's shared on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest etc.

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