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Apr 11, 2020, 2:49 PM

Social Media Image Sizes

Ever wanted to know the dimensions of a Facebook profile/cover photo, or a Twitter card photo etc? Yep, me too! There's so many social networks these days I often find myself trawling their help guides just to find that answer out. I decided to publish my own sizing guide to act as a quick reference for future projects; but if this being here helps you out too then great! :-)


Type Dimensions
Profile Photo 360 x 360px
Cover Photo 820 x 312px
Share Preview 1200 x 630px


Type Dimensions File Size File Type
Profile Photo 400 x 400px Max 2MB JPG/PNG
Header Photo 1500 x 500px Max 5MB JPG/PNG
Share Card 300 x 157px Max 5MB JPG/PNG/WEBP/GIF


Type Dimensions
Profile Photo 600 x 600px
Pinned Photo 1000 x 1500px (Basically just a 2:3 ratio)
Board Cover 736 x 736px


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