Helping Forever Living business owners keep track of sales, profit and CC points.



Most popular features

  • Online sales tracker
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Keep tabs on your CC points
  • Quickly see your most profitable customers


AloeApp makes managing my business so much easier! I can keep tabs on profit at a glance and add orders on the go from my iPhone. It's a great help.

- Amanda

Hassle-free sales management

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Access from anywhere!

You can access AloeApp from anywhere there's an internet connection be it on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

See your profit & CC points at a glance

AloeApp automatically calculates your profit and CC points for you, saving you the hassle. It'll also compare your months takings with the month before so you can constantly monitor how well you're doing.

No more spreadsheets

AloeApp removes the need for a spreadsheet or several sheets of loose paper and helps you keep tabs on your customer orders in one place. 


Here's what AloeApp looks like out of the box. Click a screenshot to enlarge.

AloeApp Login Screen
Orders screen
Customers screen
Products screen
Display order screen
Order discount screen


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Less than you'd think. Get in touch with me and we can discuss getting you an account setup on a trial basis if you would like.

Of course. Please get in touch and we'll discuss setting you up with a trial.

Great!! - I'm always looking to improve my WebApp solutions. Get in touch with your idea and if it's something I really like the sound of it could well make it into a future release.

My Auntie and Mum both set out on their own little ventures selling Forever Living products and it got quite frustrating for them having to work everything out manually, such as their profits after discounts etc. Sales were was also written down on pieces of A4 paper that often went missing; so with AloeApp I provided them a solution to all of their admin woes. They both love using it, and i'm sure you will too!