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Apr 2, 2020, 2:03 AM

Welcome to my new website & blog!

Hello and a very warm welcome to my new personal website. My name's George, I have a first class BSc degree in an I.T. discipline and from the age of 13 to now I have been involved in web design / development.

A dream of mine since a young lad was to become an airline pilot and I went on to graduate from flight school in 2018 and now fly large jets as a primary career. However, I still enjoy web development and get involved in projects wherever I can. 

The Website

This website serves as my online portfolio if you like. I aim to use it to advertise the services I can offer on a freelance basis, as well as feature the various WebApps I have built for re-use. 

The Blog

I never thought I'd find the time to write blog posts etc, but after creating a blog based website to document my pilot training journey I realised it is actually a rather useful tool. Not only is it incredibly powerful from a search engine ranking perspective, but it also create a sense of community and knowledge sharing. 

When I think to the several websites I have built over the past few years I also turn to Google to ask how to do something when I've not done it before, or if I'm stuck and can't get my head around an error messaging i'm seeing. To that end I thought it would be helpful to share how I fix such problems, or perhaps share my own experience in certain areas. I'm a big fan of SilverStripe's CMS Framework but often the documentation is a little lacking or you want to create something a little bespoke they've not written about before. What better a place to share that knowledge than a blog. 

Of course, I also plan to talk about other things to such as aviation, daily life and what not. Why not take a look around the categories in the sidebar and see if anything takes your fancy. Although, of course, if you're reading this post shortly after it was published there might not be a lot in the blog yet. Come book soon though, if so!


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